What is the SC Aviation Medallion?

The South Carolina Aviation Medallion will be put into another pilots hands at the Southeast Aviation Expo on Sunday, June 28 at Greenwood County Airport. The medallion began its journey at the Ridgeland Airport as Cluade Dean took it on its first flight.  Since then the medallion has made 37 trips, including an airdrop of paratroopers in a C-17 at Fort Bragg. Created as a physical manifestation and celebration of the rich aviation heritage of The Palmetto State, the commissioned artwork was handcrafted from one and three quarter’s pounds of bronze into a large art medallion. One side of the medallion depicts the first aircraft in the state of South Carolina; flown on July 4, 1911.  The reverse side boasts the medallion’s purpose and name: “South Carolina Aviation Medallion.”

Aviators are encouraged to fly the medallion, along with its custom carrying case and commemorative logbook, on recreational and business flights within the state and beyond. As the medal travels, pilots are encouraged to chronicle the flight and destinations where the medallion lands in the accompanying logbook. An attached tracking device makes it possible for enthusiasts to follow the medallion’s journey from airport to airport and state to state via its dedicated website (scavmedallion.com). The medallion is passed among fellow aviators whose paths intersect.

Medallion program creator Lee Logan handed the medal over to the care of the South Carolina Aviation Association in April as its new sponsoring organization.  SCAA will work to spread the word and maintain the program, encouraging aviation in South Carolina.

In addition to the social and recreational aspects of the South Carolina Aviation Medallion, the initiative also serves to raise awareness of the value and broad utility of general aviation. General Aviation contributes $150 billion to the U.S. economy annually and employs approximately 1.2 million people. The positive economic impact of having a general aviation airport located in or near communities not serviced by scheduled commercial carriers cannot be overstated as a vital link to transportation and commerce.

The grass roots effort to leverage the South Carolina Aviation Medallion to promote all forms of regional aviation and commensurate financial impact officially began in January at Ridgeland Airport (3J1) and Allendale (KAQX).

“The first chapter of the story is now history and new chapters will be added every day by fellow aviators,” stated Lee Logan, a retired fighter pilot, aircraft builder and aerospace worker behind the South Carolina Aviation Metal. “This initiative is a fun, interactive and highly social way to promote the utility, camaraderie and recreational benefits of general aviation in our communities.”

For details or to become part of the movement, visit scaaonline.com.