South Carolina Statewide Aviation System Plan & Economic Impact Study Updates – Survey


As some of you may already be aware, the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission is in the process of updating two important studies.  One is our statewide airport system plan and the other is our statewide airport economic impact study.  The Commission has several interview, research, survey, and outreach efforts that are underway to support these two studies. 

As part of our outreach efforts, we are interested in hearing from you, the pilots who fly into the airports in South Carolina on a regular basis.  The Commission’s studies will help to identify, on a macro level, general improvements that are desirable to help each airport fulfill its designated role in the state airport system.   

As you use airports in the state, it is possible that you have observed, first-hand, opportunities to enhance the performance of one or more of the South Carolina airports.  You can provide input into the Commission’s statewide studies by participating in a brief online survey.  You can access the survey at the following address

Over the coming year, the Commission will be focused on identifying the needs of our airports, while at the same time documenting the significant economic impact our state receives from the operation of our general aviation and commercial airports.  Information from the airport system plan and the economic impact studies will be used to help educate local, state, and federal elected officials on the needs and the economic benefits of our airports.  We hope that you will take a few minutes to complete our survey to support these educational efforts.  It is vital that elected officials in South Carolina understand the needs of our airports within the context of the significant value that the airports bring to our state and to our communities.  We thank you for taking time to help us with this effort.  


Please Click here for the Survey