Sept 26-27 SEAE Offers Wealth of Knowledge on ADS-B

With the ADS-B 2020 compliance date fast approaching, the Southeast Aviation Expo will provide a wealth of information on the topic for pilots.  Three educational sessions on Saturday (11 am, noon and 1:45 pm) will discuss what you need to know about ADS-B and five avionics exhibitors will showcase what they can offer on the Expo floor.

Take this opportunity, where you will have multiple avionics companies in one place, to shop around and discuss your concerns. One issue that you can discuss with our exhibitors, is that owners and operators have concerns about equipping too early, including the significant costs involved and lingering uncertainty  about whether today’s technology will be viable in 10 years.  The FAA has stated  it is working to ensure that manufacturers bring suitable equipment to the marketplace when its needed, and that any required upgrades are available at a reasonable cost. We hope you will come to the expo and utilize the opportunity of having multiple ADS-B exhibitors that can address your concerns.

See exhibitors below:

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