Memorandum of Agreement from Federal Aviation Administration and South Carolina Aeronautics Commission


Safety Committee (formerly the Safety Council)


The association has identified the following content experts who based on availability may be utilize as speakers. Please contact SCAA staff if you have an interest in one of the speakers.


Speakers Bureau

Eric Barnhill

Eric runs a maintenance/restoration shop in upstate South Carolina. Tube and fabric aircraft are his passion, but he works on just about anything with wings. He has restored (or helped restore) many aircraft. “Grand Champion” at Lakeland and “Best of Class” at Oshkosh are among a few of the awards he has won. He also Judged Classics at Lakeland for several years. He was selected by the FAA to be Aviation Maintenance Technician of the year for South Carolina in 2007. He lives at a fly-in community in Seneca SC, his shop is in his hanger home (and he couldn’t be happier being immersed in aviation 24-hours a day) .

He started and ran a maintenance/avionics shop at Donaldson Center where he was instrumental in obtaining a Garmin (and other avionics dealerships), as well as a Cessna Service Center. He has maintained several turbine helicopters, as well as everything from Cubs to King Airs. He loves to help people with their aircraft and, to that end, he runs a website,, which is designed to help pilots and aircraft owners understand and manage the annual/condition inspection process. He now oversees the Maintenance Workshops and Seminars at the Triple Tree Aerodrome, with help from his Maintenance Partners (Champion Aerospace and Michelin Aircraft Tire, to name a few). He has built a very successful teaching environment to educate aircraft owners and builders at this world-class facility. A 4000+ hour pilot and skydiver / jumpmaster / instructor of 36-years rounds out his aviation experience.

Leo Berube

‘Proficiency Training – Flight and Ground Tasks’
‘Introduction to Mountain Flying’
‘Short Field / Soft Field Procedures’
‘In-Flight / Ground Emergencies’
FAA Certified Flight Instructor:
Multi Engine – Land
Single Engine – Land
Single Engine – Sea
FAA Wright Brothers’ MASTER PILOT Award
Past / Present Positions:
South Carolina Aviation Association –  Board of Directors, 2016 to present
South Carolina Aviation Safety Council – Board of Directors, 2014 to 2017
FAASTeam – Representative – West Columbia, 2012 to present
FAASTeam – Administrative Board Member – North Carolina, 2008 to 2012
FAASTeam – Lead Representative – Charlotte, 2006 to 2008
FAA Aviation Safety Counselor – Charlotte FSDO, 2002 to 2006
Presenter / Facilitator – FAA WINGS Safety Seminars and FAASTeam CFI Workshops

Tim Coolidge

Tim Coolidge
Position FAASTeam Representative
Location Lexington, SC 29072
Pilot training and sUAS experience.
1. Retired Navy Captain (O-6).
2. Former Commanding Officer of a training squadron (VT-27), Naval Air Station (NAS Corpus Christi), and NROTC Unit (University of South Carolina).
3. Rotary- and fixed-wing qualified (Navy and FAA certificates).
4. Military and civilian instructor pilot (rotary- and fixed-wing).
5. Unmanned Aerial Systems experience (Kaman/Lockheed Martin K-1200 K-MAX optionally manned helicopter in Afghanistan, and two DJI Phantom 3 Pro sUAS as a business).
Pilot / Operations

Michael Gonzales

Subjects: Topics in the field of Aircraft Maintenance (from experimental to commercial) and Flight Training

Wally Moran, DPE

Subjects: Takeoffs and Landings or any VFR/IFR topic

Wallace Moran started his aviation career as a general aviation flight instructor; he later worked in the airline industry as a pilot and training instructor. He was an FAA check airman on many airline aircraft including the Boeing 747 and 767. He also spent many years in airline management as training supervisor, chief pilot and VP of Safety and Engineering. He has always been active in the general aviation area as an airplane owner and flight instructor and has given over 4000 hours of flight instruction in general aviation airplanes and gliders.

He is currently working as a FAA Designate Pilot Examiner, independent flight instructor and FAA FAST team member. He is a long time member of NAFI and has been a NAFI Master CFI since 2001.

Wallace lives in Summerville SC.

Colonel Randy “Oscar” Myers, USMC (Ret)

Subjects:  Aeronautical Decision Making, Crew Resource Management, Maintaining Situational Awareness, Designing Better Checklists (and then conducting them properly), Handling Emergencies and Emergency Procedures

Randy retired from the Marine Corps in 2004 with over 26 years of active service. He has flown nine types of tactical jet aircraft, combat missions in Desert Storm, and has over 300 landings at sea aboard Navy amphibious assault ships from four different countries. Randy commanded the AV-8B Harrier Training Squadron at Marine Corps Air Station, Cherry Point, NC, and has over 3,800 hours of flight time. Today, he teaches Crew Resource Management and leadership courses to Marine Corps and Air Force pilots. Randy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business, a Master’s degree in National Security Strategy, and a Master’s degree in Aeronautical Science. Currently, he is pursuing his doctorate degree in adult education and leadership. When not instructing classes, Randy enjoys flying his Mooney Ranger.

Michele Rash

Subjects: Weather, iPad technology

Michele learned to fly in Tampa, FL. Upon earning her Private Pilot Certificate at age 20, she got her first plane and used it to travel and slowly obtain additional certificates and ratings including her Flight Instructor Certificates. In 2007, she moved to South Carolina to pursue her passion; teaching people to fly. She started her own flight school in the Upstate and was the Director until she sold the school in 2014. She remains very active in the General Aviation community as a volunteer at Triple Tree Aerodrome (SC00), serves on the Board of Directors for the South Carolina Aviation Safety Council and is a Lead Representative for the FAASTeam.

Mark Spang

Mark, an employee of USAero Tech A&P School took his first airplane ride at age six and worked with his father pre-flighting military aircraft in his teens. Later, he served in the US Air Force as a Crew Chief and a Mechanic Instructor.

Lt Gen Thomas Waskow, USAF (Ret)

Tom received his commission upon graduation from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1970, and he served as a forward air controller and instructor pilot early in his military career. During the Vietnam War, he was assigned as a forward air controller at Ban Me Thout and Tan San Nhut, Vietnam, where he flew 282 combat missions over South Vietnam and Cambodia. Selected to fly the F-15 Eagle early in its operational deployment, he has flown all models and variants of the air-to-air F-15. He has held command at all levels; fighter squadron, wing, and numbered air force. Prior to assuming his current position, he was Director of Air and Space Operations, Headquarters Pacific Air Forces. On September 11, 2001, he was designated the Area Air Defense Commander for the Hawaii Air Defense Region and was responsible for the air sovereignty of the state of Hawaii.

He is a command pilot with more than 4,700 flying hours, including 904 combat hours and more than 2,200 hours in the F-15 Eagle. In addition to intense combat experience in Vietnam, Lt Gen Waskow contributed extensively to contingency operations “Deny Flight” and “Silver Wake” in the Balkans, Noble Eagle in Hawaii in 2001, and Unified Assistance in Japan in 2005. His final military assignments were commander of the 5th Air Force and US Forces Japan from which he retired in in the spring of 2005.

Isaac D White

Subjects: Avionics, Human Factors, Maintenance, Owner Assisted Maintenance, Certification, ADS B, WAAS, STCs and Field Approvals, Flight Test

Isaac is an Aerospace Evangelist that gets totally wrapped up in keeping production close to consumption and closing the gap between the Need and the Resolution. Customer Service centric through a focus on the Actual Customer and Continued Airworthiness obsession through a focus on General Aviation Airplane and Helicopter heavy maintenance. Meeting Certification requirements through installation design, certification testing, and aircraft flight profiles. Extensive experience in Engineering design, Engineering data, Aircraft Avionics, Aircraft Electrical Systems, Mechanical Systems, Structural Repairs, Airframe Inspections, Production Liaison Engineering, Flight Test, Flight Test support, and Military aircraft contract management.