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SCAA South Carolina Aviation AssociationA strong relationship exists between South Carolina’s economy and aviation. South Carolina’s diversified system of airports helps to both lead and sustain growth and economic diversification.

Airports in South Carolina support the state’s economy and are themselves economic generators. Residents, businesses, and the state’s visitors also rely on the airport system for health, welfare, and safety needs. Further, South Carolina’s military airfields are also important to our national security. All types of businesses in South Carolina rely on aviation and commercial service and general aviation airports for the efficient transport of people and goods. Airports are a critical part of the transportation infrastructure needed to retain and attract business development in the state.

What do we do?

Our Impact… The SCAA South Carolina Aviation Association and its members are considered significant resources on aviation related subjects to our state legislators, our congressmen and our professional colleagues. The Association’s advocacy has produced positive and tangible results. For example, in 2006 with support of the association, legislation was approved to allow counties to lower property tax from 10.5 percent to as little as four percent. Many counties, including Rock Hill Airport saw an increase in business and profits due to the passage of this legislation.

The Association played a role in the SCAA South Carolina Aviation Association 1recreation of the SC Aeronautics Commission. These efforts stopped the massive erosion of the state’s aviation assets and serves to protect the Division of Aeronautics. Currently, the Association is partnering with the SC Aeronautics Commission to promote an update of Title 55, which provides the aviation laws in the state. What’s in it for you… As a member of the association, you are a part of the only legislatively active aviation group in the state.

Regulations and laws govern you and your/our industry just as much if not more than most . . . that’s why it is so critical to stay informed as well as be a part of the group of professionals who work to influence our governance. You will become a part of an information chain that includes industry updates directly from the State Director, invitations to important events, programs and exchanges with other aviation professionals inside our side.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the SCAA South Carolina Aviation Association to actively promote and encourage aviation and airport development to meet air transportation needs and assist the state in achieving economic development goals.

Board of Directors

President – Steven Gould, Jr. C.M. – Rock Hill – York County Airport – Rock Hill,

Vice President – Ken Holt – Holt Consulting Company- Columbia, SC

Treasurer & Secretary – Greg Jones – ADC Engineering, Inc. – Hanahan, SC

Leo Berube – Flightpath, LLC – Easley, SC

Whitney Cain – Karl Storz – Endoscopy America, Inc. – Rock Hill, SC

Philip Chandler – Rock Hill-York County Airport- Rock Hill, SC

Carolyn Donelan – Challenger Learning Center – Columbia, SC

Joe Frasher, AAE – Greenville Downtown Airport – Greenville, SC

Ken “Bud” Hawk – WK Dickson & Company, Inc. – Columbia, SC

Butch Jones – Anderson Regional Airport – Pendleton, SC

Paul Moses – Lancaster County Airport – Lancaster, SC

Eddie Owen Jr. -Talbert, Bright & Ellington, Inc. – Columbia, SC

Leigh Wickersham – SCAA Executive Director


SCAA Headquarters

Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 12067

Columbia, SC 29211


Physical Address: 

1898 Calhoun Street, Building 4, Columbia, SC 29201*

*address note: we are on the corner of Calhoun & Gregg Street.  SCAA is located in building 4 (gray house), parking lot and entrance is behind building off Gregg Street.  


Contact Information:

Leigh Faircloth Wickersham CAE, SCAA Executive Director

Rina Patel, SCAA Assistant Director

Phone: (877) 359 – 7222

Email: Leigh@associationsplus.com 

Email: scaa@scaaonline.com