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South Carolina Aviation Hall of Fame

Established in 1991, the South Carolina Aviation Hall of Fame honors pioneers and leaders in the aviation industry who have made significant contributions to the development, advancement or promotion of aviation and have close ties to the State of South Carolina.

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Honoring Contributions in Aviation

Policies & Purpose

Hall of Fame induction will be held every other year, except under special circumstances as authorized by the SCAA Board of Directors. In any given year, no more than three (3) nominees shall be inducted. It is not a requirement to have a Hall of Fame or Elite Aviator inductee in any given year. Nominations may be received at any time and will be held for consideration in the next scheduled induction ceremony. For nominations to be considered in the next scheduled induction ceremony, they must be received no later than November 1 of the previous year. Nominations shall expire after the first consideration and must be re-submitted for future consideration. Nominees will be reviewed by the FAA or SC Aeronautics Commission officials to ensure there are no concerns or reasons why the person should not be nominated. Hall of Fame committee members shall only consider information submitted in the written nomination package, which is based upon the current knowledge of the nominee. No other “outside” information or influence supplied by anyone shall be considered. The Hall of Fame committee may include up to one previous Hall of Fame inductee, though not a requirement. The Elite Aviator shall be chosen by the full SCAA Board of Directors under exceptional circumstances.

The S.C. Aviation Hall of Fame is on display at Jim Hamilton-LB Owens Airport in Columbia.

Selection Criteria

Recognizing those who have advanced aviation in South Carolina.


Hall of Fame Consideration Criteria

  • The nominee must be of good character.
  • The nominee may be living or deceased.
  • The nominee’s contribution to aviation must be substantial and performed with a high degree of excellence, above and beyond the performance of the nominee’s vocation or political position.
  • The nominee’s contribution may be a single gallant event or achievement over time that has made a positive lasting impact on aviation. A single gallant event will be defined as an event, which was brave, spirited and honorable. Examples are William Farrow and Ronald McNair.
  • The nominee must have made their contribution to aviation in South Carolina. The nominee may have significant contributions to aviation not in South Carolina, but those will be considered secondary.
  • Nominations must include verifiable documentation of the individual’s contribution to aviation to include no less than the following: a biographical resume (as detailed as possible) and documentation, clippings, citations, and awards regarding the contribution to aviation. Letters of reference may also be included for consideration.

Elite Aviator Consideration Criteria

  • The nominee must meet all of the criteria for the Hall of Fame as well as the following criteria.
  • The nominee must be a living person.
  • The nominee shall be a true aviator (pilot or flight crew member).
  • The nominee’s accomplishment in aviation shall be verifiable and attached to the application and shall be above and beyond a normal pilot or crew member.
  • The nominee shall have demonstrated ethical conduct and responsibility toward associates in the industry and community.
  • The nominee shall have had substantial influence in promoting and preserving South Carolina’s aviation industry.
  • The nominee shall have contributed to the positive image of South Carolina as viewed from the state and national level.
  • The nominee shall have maintained a high level of respect within South Carolina’s aviation community for service, performance and public service.

SC Aviation Hall of Fame

License Tags Are Available for Inductees

All South Carolina Aviation Hall of Fame inductees are eligible to apply for the license tag. If you would like to purchase a license tag you will need to complete the MV-95 application and send it to the SCDMV to PO Box 1498, Blythewood SC 29016-0008. There is no additional registration fee from the association for the license tags. You will need to include a letter from SCAA along with your application that verifies that you are a member of the SC Aviation Hall of Fame. Please contact SCAA for that letter and to get a vehicle plate number assigned.

If you desire to order more than one tag, please duplicate the application form and complete one form for each tag. If you choose to order multiple tags you will need to contact SCAA to receive another number for the second license tag. If you have any questions on the process please email SCAA or call SCAA headquarters at 1-877-359-7222.

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