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Aviation Week

South Carolina Aviation Week is an annual, week-long celebration, promoting aviation through events that highlight airports’ educational and economic impacts throughout the state. SC Aviation Week 2023 is April 23-29.

Resources For Your Airport

Celebrate Aviation Week!

Airports planning an Aviation Week event can access resources to simplify the planning process, from the brainstorming stage through agenda planning and media relations.

South Carolina Aviation Week

April 23-29, 2023

SC Aviation Week promotes airports and the state’s aviation industry by highlighting the impacts our airports and related businesses have on our economy. Each year, SC Aeronautics Commission and SCAA partner together on this initiative.

Visit the Video Library for more in-depth looks at how aviation is impacting communities and business in South Carolina and beyond.

SC AMT of the Year

SCAA and the Aeronautics Commission recognize the hard work that AMT’s put into keeping our skies safe. Nominations for the AMT of the Year award will open in June 2023.  The S.C. AMT of the Year will be awarded during SCAA’s Safety Fair in November.  

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