SC Aeronautics Commission

It is the mission of the SC Aeronautics Commission to foster air commerce by overseeing the safety and development of the state’s public use airports and provide safe, reliable air transportation for state government and business prospects. SCAA is proud to support and promote the SC Aeronautics Commission. Helpful tools and information can be found on its website.Click Here to Visit


The SCAA, representing hundreds of pilots, aviation related businesses, and the state’s public-use airports, has become the leading voice for aviation and air safety in South Carolina. Through its Legislative Action Committee, the SCAA brings new awareness to critical issues affecting aviation in South Carolina. Through its broad community-based meetings with state representatives, the SCAA was an active proponent for the line item in the state’s budget for airport funding, the legislation reducing aircraft property tax reduction, and the legislative effort leading to the restoration of the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission. Since then the association has continued to partner with the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission to promote aviation in South Carolina. The association supported the commission and its efforts to bring Title 55, the aviation law in SC up to date in 2012.

“A newly enacted update of South Carolina’s aeronautics code marks the first significant rewrite of the state’s aviation laws since 1976, and offers a model for protecting aviation infrastructure at the state level,” said AOPA Southern Region Manager Bob Minter.