Pilot N Paws Flyaway event during Southeast Aviation Expo

0423_PilotsNPawsOn Saturday, September 27, 2014 a special air caravan containing rescued animals will depart from the Greenville Downtown Airport in S.C. as part of the Southeast Aviation Expo. Their Destination? The cargo’s new homes and non-kill shelters throughout the U.S.  Each year, Pilots N Paws, holds a large rescue event. This event has never taken place in Greenville.  Last year, when it was held in Hinesville, GA., 50 private pilots volunteered to fly 400 animals to safety and others joined in with vans for shorter, over land travel.

“Many healthy and adoptable animals are put down each year.  While, neutering or spaying animals is the ultimate goal because it helps reduce new births and overpopulation; there are animals that are already here that need to be saved,” stated Pilots N Paws President & Co-founder Debi Boies.  Throughout the year, Pilots N Paws, a 501 c (3) registered charitable organization, connects pilots and animals, in jeopardy of being “put down” due to the high number of animals needing homes being far greater then the number of families looking to adopt a pet.

Unfortunately, many animals aren’t “fixed” so they reproduce and the offspring are eventually dropped off at shelters. In other regions of the country fewer animals are available for adoption. Pilots N Paws was formed to help get animals from areas of high animal euthanasia to new homes in other regions.   Once a year, volunteers come together for a huge transport effort to help raise awareness of the problem and finds others willing to step in to help on the ground, through a donation or of course, up in the air!
Click on below link for recent article by AOPA on the Pilots-N-Paws Flyaway.