Offering for sale some pictures that were donated to SCHAF

Just in time for Christmas, we are offering for sale some pictures that were donated to SCHAF.  We will have these for sale at the open house on Dec 10th. If you do not live in Columbia, we can mail the picture to you in a shipping tube with the actual shipping charge added to the total price. The shipping charge will probably be no more than $15 which includes the price of the mailing tube. If you will not be at the open house but would like to pick the picture up at a different time we can arrange a time for you to pick up the picture. If you are interested in a copy and would like us to hold it for you, please email Katherine at .   

This first picture is limited to only 3 copies for sale. There is some wrinkle damage which can be seen along the outside edge where the crews are listed. We believe this can be repaired with a matted frame. These are numbered editions available for $50 apiece. One of the pictures has a little more wrinkled damage along the bottom edge. This one copy will be available for $35 instead of $50. 

This second picture is limited to 16 copies for sale.  The picture has several B-25s with Doolittle seen in the clouds and are signed by Horace “Sally” Crouch, one of the Doolittle Raiders. The signatures are copies and not original to each picture.  These pictures are in nice condition and will be available for $40 apiece. 

We have over 50 copies of this third picture which is of plane number 16. This was produced by the Celebrate Freedom Foundation and is a numbered limited edition of 500. Each picture is signed in pencil by the artist. These pictures are in nice condition and will be available for $25 apiece.

picture3picture1b-copy picture1c-copy picture2-copy picture2b-copy picture3-copy picture3b-copy picture3c picture3d