Nominations for FAA Awards Solicited: Deadline November 15

We want to make you aware of the General Aviation Awards Program and wanted to seek your nomination packets for 2018.   Please submit your packets to the FAA FAASTeam Program Manager NLT July 1, 2018 and the Web site NLT November 15, 2018.
Aviation Technician of the Year for S.C.: 1.Aviation Technician (ATA) candidates may be either a maintenance technician working under FAR Part 65 and hold a current an FAA airman certificate or be an avionics technician working with a Part 145 Repair Station.
For Aviation Tech of the Year please upload a packet to the website mentioned in the attachment and the web link below and submit a scanned PDF back to my (FAASTeam PGM James Dangerfield) e-mail:   There are 2 areas you can nominate from:  Maintenance or Avionics
For the CFI of the year upload the packet to the website mentioned in the attachment and shown below and submit a scanned PDF back to FAASTeam Program Manager Lanny Cline’s e-mail:
Certified Flight Instructor of the Year for S.C. 2.Flight Instructor (CFI)candidates must be working under FAR Part 61, 141 or 142 and must hold a current an FAA airman certificate.
FAASTeam Representative of the Year for S.C.: 3. (REP) candidates must be actively involved in the FAA Safety Team.
For a Rep of the year submit the packets on the Web site and to both FAASTeam Program Manager Lanny Cline’s and James Dangerfield’s e-mail address.
The General Aviation Awards Program is a cooperative effort between the FAA and industry sponsors to annually recognize outstanding individuals in avionics, flight instruction, maintenance and those serving as FAASTeam Representatives. The awards highlight the important roles these individuals play in promoting aviation safety, education, and professionalism. Honorees are recognized locally, regionally and nationally. National Honorees are announced in January and recognized during AirVenture, in Oshkosh in July. They also receive gifts provided by sponsors.
Refer to the website for suggested reading, eligibility, required nomination components and nomination processing timelines. The easiest, fastest way to prepare your packet is to gather everything and take it to an office supply or printing house. They can scan all documents into a combined, single pdf document file. Free software is also available online to merge pdfs. Submitting all your information as one file assures that individual pages don’t become separated. Name your pdf document using the 3-letter award-type identifier, Last Name. As an example: CFI, Smith. This assures that your information is stored and managed correctly – and, when the time comes, it is available to the appropriate judges. All applications are submitted online. Log on to and the NOMINATIONS page to upload it. You’ll find additional instructions