Military History Center of the Carolinas (MHCC) Plans Released in Remembrance of Veteran’s Day!

“MHCC members worked though the hot summer, without air conditioning, to get the future U.S. Military History Museum and Educational Center building completely gutted!  This was no small feat!  The building has no power or water service, generators were brought in just so we could at least have a large fan pulling air through,” stated Alan Spearman, President of MHCC.  “The building is believed to have been built in the early 1950’s and we found lots of old magazines, papers and other documents that had accumulated over the years,” Spearman added.  “This was one of the dirtiest non vehicle related projects that we have ever undertaken, but now MHCC has a ‘clean slate’ of a building to work with.”  Spearman is referencing the fact that MHCC members frequently undertake projects of restoring military vehicles to display at events.


“The future museum will focus on the history of our U.S. military from WWI to present.  There is a rich connection to history that is missed with the currently popular social media.  Viewing history on a screen is not the same as having an up close experience with the artifacts and experiences of veterans.  The goal is to set up a special place where people can see history come to life, have instruction on history, touch historical items, and not just view them in a glass case.  While we have our veterans with us we need to take time to make connections with soldiers who defended our freedom.  MHCC has members with a wealth of experience in running museums and nonprofit organizations, and MHCC has many talented people who know how to make history exciting for visitors of all ages.  MHCC has military vehicles, armaments, historical period attire, communications equipment, books and everything else that is needed to fill a museum.  You may have seen some of our displays and vehicles at events in our area,“ stated Spearman.


For many years, members of MHCC have been dedicated to preserving our American Military History by collecting and restoring items to take to events throughout our nation and within our local communities.  This group, which has members from South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia, have conducted a sort of “traveling museum”.  Last year alone they visited  67 locations.  Families and individuals; young, and not so young; male and female; about 50% veterans, and many others who have never served, help make up this diverse group


While the building was being gutted, Christopher Nordmeyer with Design South Professionals, Inc. stepped forward and volunteered to create architectural construction drawings as a donation to this noteworthy effort. Nordmeyer then reached out to local professionals with Burdette Engineering and LeBlanc Welch Consulting Engineers, both are firms that he has worked well with in the past.  They both agreed to help by providing mechanical, electrical and plumbing construction drawings.  These plans are needed so MHCC can get a construction quote and are required to get a city building permit.


The Greenville Downtown Airport, which owns the building, has given MHCC free rent.  MHCC has had roof leaks and windows repaired, as well as the exterior of the building painted by local professionals. MHCC is now seeking funds to do the interior construction that is required so that a Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained.  Handicap accessible restrooms, a larger front door (for wheelchair access), exit signs, fire extinguishers and other items are required.  “We hope to have construction underway very soon, but that all depends on the rate at which donations are given, of course,” stated Spearman.  The building is located at 14 Airport Road Ext, Greenville, SC 29607 and is adjacent to the Greenville Downtown Airport’s Runway Park which is within a block of the proposed Swamp Rabbit Trail extension.


Want to help?  MHCC is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization by the IRS so donations are tax-deductible.  Donations can be mailed to MHCC, 100 Tower Drive, Unit 6, Greenville, SC 29607.


In addition to financial donations, MHCC is looking for military items.  Do you have military items that you would be willing to donate to go on display at the future MHCC U.S. Military History Museum and Educational Center?   Vehicles (they do not need to be operational), uniforms, armaments and other interesting items from WWI, WWII, Korean War and Vietnam are especially sought after since no other museums in our area have a large showing of these items. Bob Dicey is cataloging items so that displays can be planned and display cases made while the museum is still under construction.  If you have any military items that may not be old or rare enough for the museum displays but you would be willing to donate them, MHCC can sell them to raise money for the museum.  Please contact Bob Dicey at 864-630-9108 or to donate items to the museum.

“What better way to remember our veteran’s this Veteran’s Day… than to donate to this worthy cause!”  stated Joe Frasher, Greenville Downtown Airport’s Director.


About Military History Center of the Carolinas (MHCC)


MHCC was originally formed in the mid 1990’s under the name Military Collectors Club of the Carolinas.  In 2009, the group was incorporated in South Carolina as a non-profit and was approved as a tax-exempt 501-C3 organization by the IRS.  The name was changed to Military History Center of the Carolinas in July 2015 to better reflect the full scope of MHCC operations.  For more information about MHCC, please visit or contact Sam Cooper at or 864-346-5026


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 Bucky Smart, a 96 year old WWII Vet pictured with MHCC items on display at the Greenville Downtown Airport’s WWII Aircraft event. Items like these will be in the future museum.  Mr. Smart likes the museum idea so much that he pledged to donate items to it.
Military History…..    – Interior pre-construction museum drawing
20161008_134839 20161008_134906 20161008_134919 img_5913-1
 Exterior of future museum

 Gutted interior of future museum’s gift shop and admission area.

 Gutted interior of future museum’s office and handicap restroom location

 Gutted interior of future museum’s classroom and some of the display area