Hurricane (Florence) Help from GA Pilots . . . Available

SCAA was contacted by Nathan Wilson, a volunteer with AeroBridge.   They organize general aviation resources to fly supplies and support to communities who find themselves cut off and need emergency assistance.  To clarify they are not EMS, but we can help fly them in if they are needed.   We have resources on hand and actively work with other relief supply organizations.   You are receiving this because you are affiliated with the South Carolina Aviation Association.

PLEASE contact AeroBridge if you find your community in need of assistance.  They can transform your airport into a local distribution center.   All they need is an open runway and a list of what you need.    If you are connected with your local government pass on AeroBridge’s contact information.   After an event it becomes very difficult for AeroBridge to reach out to you, so please contact them.   They are here to help.


Our hope is that their resources will not be needed, however if they are needed they are ready and waiting to respond!

All of their support and services are volunteer, their assistance is free.


You can help them help us/your neighbors by. . .

1.)    Introduce us to your local emergency management team as a readily available resource.

2.)    Contact us with information on your runway/airport conditions so we can disseminate actual conditions to our pilots.

3.)    Tell us what you need.

Zello App Station Name:  AeroBridge Radio-Hurricane Florence- Airlift Support

**Zello is a downloadable APP that was used widely to communicate during relief efforts for hurricane Irma.  It does require cell tower signal or wifi, its’s just simply one more place we will be listening for you **


Also, Please feel free to contact Nathan directly, both for assistance or for questions.

Email:    Phone: 517-740-7083