Good Pilot Tour.Com at Southeast Aviation Expo

Jason Schappert with will speak on Saturday, September 26 at the Southeast Aviation Expo at Greenville Downtown Airport on Inflight Emergencies and Accident Analysis.  He has been touring the country on this years 2014 Good Pilot Tour.  See his youtube video by clicking below.

Jason Schappert is a full-time flight instructor and dedicated aviation enthusiast based in Ocala, Florida. He was named Top Collegiate Flight Instructor at NIFA 2008, an event sponsored by AOPA. Jason also is the creatorof and the author of five aviation books.  His video blog reaches hundreds of thousands of pilots everymonth, helping them accomplish their dream of learning to fly.

Jason also operates Schapp Aviation. A private flight training facility serving all of Central Florida. A pilot since 16 years of age, Jason has the experience and qualifications to help you with any aspect of your flight training.

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