GA Fly-In


  •   Aircraft arrival 0730 – 0845. First briefing starts at 0900.



  •  Click / Open / Print DD Form 2402


  •   Fill out block 2b and 5. Include the following:-   Aircraft Type-   Call sign (Registration #)

    –  Total persons on board

    –  Pilot & Passenger’ s Name, SSN, Birthday

    –  Airfield Origin

    –  Pilot’ s Phone number / E-mail address


  • Wet sign section 2.b.(3) (in BLUE INK)


  • Scan / E-mail form to– Must be sent NLT 21 July 2017-Original form collected upon landing
  • Arrival, Taxi, Parking plan will be e-mailed once DD Form 2402 has been received


  • Direct questions to Base Operations at (803) 895-2356RETURN FLIGHT PLAN INSTRUCTIONS


  •  All aircraft are required to file a flight plan prior to departure


  •  File departure airport as KSSC and annotate final destinationNOTAMs
  •  No AVGAS available (plan accordingly)


  •  Bring your own parking chocks

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