Don’t miss the Aging Aircraft – Preventative Maintenance Education Session at the Annual Conference

Come hear one of our breakout session speakers, Eric Barnhill, A&P, IA speak on Aging Aircraft – Preventative Maintenance Suggestions for Pilots and Aircraft Owners at the 2017 SCAA Annual Conference. He will be speaking February 9 to the  from 3:45 p.m.-4:45 p.m.

Eric grew up in a Air Force Family, his father (who lived in Greenville ) was a radio operator on B-17’s, B-24’s, B-25’s, B-29’s, C-119’s, andC-124’s, during WWII, Korea and Vietnam, he was stationed at Donaldson Air Force Base in Greenville twice during his Air Force Career. He is a Eagle Scout, A past Fire Academy Instructor,  State Fire Marshal, Chief at a local Fire Department, EMT, and Safety Associate with Duke Power.

Eric has been a member of Civil Air Patrol for 22 years, he hold the rank of Lt. Col.   He has held positions including Squadron and Wing Safety Officer and Wing Chief of Staff, he was Safety Officer of the year in 2006. He is a skydiver of 37 years (1400 jumps), where he holds a Jumpmaster and Instructor rating, 2 world, 2 national and 8 state skydiving records, and has over 3000 hours flying jump planes. He runs a aircraft maintenance and restoration shop out of his home/hanger at Eagle Ridge Fly-in community in Seneca. (Southeast Aero, LLC.). He is a A&P with Inspection Authorization, he has restored numerous aircraft and has won Grand Champion at Sun N Fun, and Best of Class at Oshkosh. He has maintained several turbine helicopters as well as and “Everything from Cubs to King Airs”.

Eric was named Aircraft Maintenance Technician  of the year in 2007 by The FAA and The South Carolina Aviation Association. He is a private pilot (and aircraft owner) with over 4000 hours as pilot in command. He runs the Maintenance Workshops and Seminars at Triple Tree Airdrome and is a mechanic on their aircraft (to include the recently added P-51-TF). He Started, and ran the maintenance shop at AVSERVE ( at Donaldson Center) where he was instrumental in obtaining a Cessna Service Center, Garmin (and other Avionics) dealerships and a FAA repair station.

He runs a website ( that concerns itself with helping aircraft owners and pilots “Understand and Manage their aircraft”. Videos (produced by Eric) help to explain what you can, and can’t do to your aircraft, and how to do it correctly and safely.

Come hear “the rest of story” from Eric Barnhill himself on February 9.

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