Bud Coward – Aiken, Barnwell

Phone: 803-645-4806 Email: cubpilot47@gmail.com Credentials: ATP, CFI Years as a flight instructor: 40 Cities that you instruct in: Barnwell/Aiken
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Carla Mueller – Pelion

I have been flying for the past 15 years, I have worked for the FAA as a Light Sport Aviation Safety Inspector, I have flown for the NCDENR as a Forestry Pilot in a C185, I flew the Grand Canyon as a tour pilot in Piper navajo’s, I flew for a Start up airline in Jetstream 3100s, and I flew for USA Jet Freight airways in a Falcon 20 Jet. Most recently, I flew for Bankair in their Mitsubishi MU2b aircraft out of Teterboro,NJ. Then they lost the contract about the same time when my mom had a severe stroke, so I became a FT caregiver for her. Now she is better, and I’m trying to go back to FT flying again. I am flight instructing in my own Cessna 150 aircraft out of Pelion Airport, SC 6J0, trying to grow that airport. Come on out and see me.

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Carroll Joye – Orangeburg

Phone: (803) 682-5177 Email: joyeavia@bellsouth.net Credentials: ATP asmel, ases; CFI-I asmel ases Years as a flight instructor: 42 Cities that you instruct in: Orangeburg
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Cecil Tune, Jr. – Greenville, SC

Phone: 864-907-8248 Email: cectune@gmail.com Credentials: CFI, CFII, CFIMEI Years as a flight instructor: 38 Cities that you instruct in: Greenville, SC (KGMU)
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Chris Minton- Lancaster

Name: Chris Minton Phone: 803-718-2628 Email: flybuddy553@hotmail.com Credentials: CFI-CFII-MEI Years as Flight Instructor: 26 Cities that you instruct in: UZA-DCM-LKR Biography: 26 Years as a flight instructor in the northern counties of SC. Primary training thru multi add ons and instruments and IPC’s . All done in your Airplane. A/P and IA ratings as a mechanic helps make me help train pilots using experience of the whole Airplane. Have been Airport Manager and FBO manager at various Airports in the upstate....
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Dan Tindall

Email dan.tindall@sumteraviation.com Years as a Flight Instructor 10 Credentials CFI-A Cites/Airports where you offer instruction Sumter (KSMS) 100-200 word Bio I am a Flight Instructor Single Engine Land, Corporate Pilot, and Air Traffic...
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Daniel Ahern – Beaufort

Recently reactivated (after retiring from engineering) CFI instructing with Anderson Aviation at KARW.
Over 1200 hours of instruction and over 3000 hours total time.

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Emerson Smith – Columbia/Hamilton Owens (CUB), Columbia Metro (CAE)

Emerson Smith Phone: (803)256-8694 Email: emsmith@metromark.net Years as a Flight Instructor: 20 Credentials: Commercial Pilot, FAA certificated flight instrutor, instrument (CFII) Cities/Airports where you offer instruction: Columbia/Hamilton Owens (CUB), Columbia Metro (CAE) Bio:  Aurel Emerson Smith, Jr., CFII is available for flight reviews, VFR refresher training, and instrument proficiency endorsements at SC airports. He began flying in 1985, with training at Owens Field for a private pilot’s license as well as a commercial pilot. He was trained as a flight instructor at American Flyers in Dallas, Texas. He joined the US Air Force auxiliary, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and became a mission pilot, instructor and check pilot for Cessna 182 and 172 Garmin 1000 Nav III aircraft for the South Carolina Wing, of which he is a past Wing Commander. He is currently a CAP pilot and government affairs advisor. Emerson was born in Chicago, lived in Dallas and graduated with a BA from the University of Texas at Austin, a MA from Texas Christian University, and a PhD in sociology from Emory University. He is president of Metromark Market Research and a clinical research assistant professor of internal medicine at the School of Medicine, University of South Carolina. He was appointed an airport commissioner for Richland County’s Jim Hamilton-LB Owen Airport in 2016. Several times a year, he is a lecturer on aviation and maritime history on international passenger...
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Frank Humbles

Frank Humbles has 36 years of experience as a flight instructor. His credentials are: CFI, instrument, commercial SEL. Retired Anesthesiology, 59 years young, earned private pilots license in 1977. Grew up in aviation, father flew 30 missions against the Germans in B-17, then 33 year TWA career. Mother was TWA hostess. Two brothers are airline pilots. I own a 1976 Rockwell 112TC based at KLRO and aircraft is available for HP/Complex checkouts. Also do commercial rating instruction, as well as Flight reviews....
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George Roberts – Camden, Sumter, Hartsville, Florence, Darlington

Phone: 803-229-2678 Email: mwatkins1@sc.rr.com Credentials: ATP, ASEMELheliRW, ASES, CFII, MEI Years as Flight Instructor: 51 Cities that you instruct in: Camden, Sumter, Hartsville, Florence, Darlington George Roberts worked for Professional Instrument Courses (PIC) for 9 years, Part 135, Chief Flight Instructor for 9 years for a FAR 141 military flying club, FAR 91 pilot for business enterprizes, air traffic controller 25 years, FAA Safety Counselor for 11 years, SAR with Civil Air Patrol, flown to Alaska 2 times, flown in Europe. BORN TO...
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H.B. “Wally” Wallace –
Beaufort, SC

DELTA AIR LINES, Atlanta, GA – 1978-2005 2008-2013

Captain, DC-9/MD-88/B-727/L-1011/B-767/B-757
Pilot-in-Command – domestic 6500+ hours, international 2500+ hours

FALCON AVIATION ACADEMY, Falcon Field, Peachtree City, GA – Oct. 2006-2008

Part 135 Chief Pilot – responsible for all administrative and operational issues of the charter operation. After transitioning to DA-42s established training syllabus for new aircraft type added to charter certificate and managed the training of new pilots. Established framework for SMS program. Completed the FAA Online Op Specs training in OKC.
Certificated Flight Instructor – SE, ME & INST – Senior Instructor, instrument training, ATP training & new owner checkouts in DA40 & DA42. Developed DA-42 training presentation for other flight schools. Trained 4 new DA42 instructors in HSV.

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James E Anderson – Anderson

Phone:  864-940-5640 Email:  skyking1@bellsouth.net Credentials:  ATP, MEI, COMM, CFII, SEL, SES, Rotocraft, AGI Years as a flight instructor: 42 Cities that you instruct in: Anderson  
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Kathleen Hegenberger – Charleston

I have been a CFI for 15 years and came to Charleston in 1999 to teach at JZI. I now primarily do BFR’s and IPC’s and will do tailwheel instruction in your airplane. I presently fly a Cirrus SR22TN and an L-19 Birddog. My flying at this time involves a lot of cross country flights all over the US and the Bahamas in the Cirrus and cross country and mountain flying in the birddog. Last year I added a seaplane rating in a cub. For a short time I flew a Cirrus for Satsair, an air taxi service, out of Greenville, SC and have been flying a Cirrus SR22TN for four years privately. I am based at JZI in SC and BZN (Bozeman) in Montana in the summer months.

At this time I am the president of the Women in Aviation Palmetto Pride Chapter in Charleston, SC and I am the SC Liaison for the Recreational Aviation Foundation where we are presently working to amend the SC RUS to include “aviation activities” to protect landowners who have airstrips on their property from liability. If you are interested in Cirrus instruction in your airplane or need a BFR or IPC please give me a call. I would also be happy to do tailwheel instruction in your airplane as well.

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Larry Joe Yon- South Carolina

Years as a Flight Instructor 47 Credentials Airline Transport Pilot AMEL, Commerical Priviledges ASEL & S, AMELS, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Gold Seal Flight Instructor ASE & AME, Instrument Airplane, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Ground Instructor & Ultralight Instructor Cites/Airports where you offer instruction South Carolina 100-200 word Bio Flight Instructor of the Year for South Carolina in 1973, 1st ” Flying Lion for SC, Instructor for 1st Female Pilot to receive ASEA Rating in SC, taught 1st Educational TV Pilot ” Biennial Review” named “Blue sky” in SC in 19 locations, implemented Aviation technical training program under the Comprehensive Educational Act (CERTA) for the Governor’s Office, received the 99′ Woman Air Race Classic Special recognition award as a sponsor for a race by women spanning 2433.3 statue miles, served as “Odyssey of the Mind” Aviation Coach finishing 2nd the State for Irmo HS, 1st President of Ultralight Sport Pilot Aviation, flew 1st recorded Ultralight flight from CAE Airport, Charter Member Of SC Helicopter Association, SC Ballo0n Association, AERO, & Post Private Secondary Education, on Aviation Noise Impact at CAE, CUB Advisory Board, listed in “Who’s Who in Aviation & Aerospace, 1983, Past member of Airport Manager Executives & National Association of Seaplane Pilots, Chartered President of B-25 Corporation, Founding Office of SCHAF, Aviation Advisor of Explorer Post 15 later 214 named “Black Sheep” who began work on “Skunkie” recovered from Lake Greenwood after 39 years under water, received FAA – Wright Brothers ” Master Pilot ” Award in...
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Marc Santacroce – Columbia, SC

I have 10 years of flight instructor experience. I recently moved from SF Bay Area to Columbia. Looking for a new aviation home. checked out at Winnsboro, (KFDW). specialize in Instrument and TAA-G-1000. Credentials:...
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