Aviation Week

Aviation week is set for August 18–24, 2019. Here is a list of easy to implement Aviation Week event ideas:

Easy/No Cost/Little to No Pre-Planning

  • Picture with pilot (post to various aviation social media sites)
  • Post on SCAA Facebook (story/picture)

Involves Local Kids

  • Coloring contest
  • Paper airplane contest
  • Kite making contest (talk about why they fly)
  • Host a youth aviation event: feature Elizabeth McDaniel (college-aged, female pilot, who is also Miss N. Charleston and she makes her platform “aviation”; promote scholarship
  • Chalk art contest
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Host a fashion show on your runway (children dress up)
  • Cardboard cutout contest (build a plane; something to take picture in with)
  • Download “Where is Orville” (like Flat Stanley)

Promotes Careers

  • Host career fair: auction related (target high school re-start)

Love to Look at Airplanes

  • Host a “touch a plane”

Community Partnership Highlight

  • Static display of your airport tenants
  • Host 1stresponders (with vehicles), like static display
  • Feature a unique/signature plane (see it, sit in it, watch it fly)
  • 5k on the runway
  • Show off a vintage plane (current resident)
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Host a back-to-school bash (tie with local charity)
  • Host a local charity
  • Host a rotary/chamber event
  • Host a FIA/F3 exercise program
  • Host a yoga/Barr3 at your airport
  • Adopt-a-airport; adopt-a-pilot (send care packages/cards): community outreach
  • Host a red cross blood drive & feature a service that transports organs
  • Host a “pilots for paws” event

Media Interest

  • Feature a unique/signature plane (see it, sit in it, watch it fly)
  • Fly a reporter
  • “Meet the military” event
  • Host your local county/city council meeting (share the latest economic impact study results)

Free/To Cost

  • Host a Hall of Famer (story time)
  • Dog walk/FOD walk at airport
  • Host Dr. Donelan for summer ideas
  • Offer speakers (to local clubs)
  • Submit a story/article/interview/picture to SC Aviation Association
  • Host a telescope club
  • Host a college flying club
  • Airplane wash
  • Furry Friend FOD walk

Low Cost

  • Aviation bingo/trivia (prize)
  • Picture with the pilot/plane (photo booth type)
  • Host a student government group (field trip)
  • Host a food truck
  • Host a woman in aviation event
  • Costume contest
  • Host aviation themed movie
  • Host a plane spotting picnic
  • Build an airplane (kit)
  • Host a pilot, AMT – breakfast
  • Pie a pilot
  • Host a drone event (use to teach about what can/can’t be done)
  • Host RC demonstration