Aviation Management Consulting Group To Speak

Aviation Management Consulting Group will provide a three hour fundamentals and a four hour advanced airport management course at the SCAA Annual Conference on Thursday February 12.

AMCG provides aviation management consulting services to airports, aviation businesses, and others and the firm specializes in the general aviation segment of the industry. AMCG is a dynamic consulting firm consisting of a team of highly qualified, experienced, knowledgeable, and results-oriented professionals who work in concert to maintain a company culture focused on meeting the needs of the client.

AMCG is intimately familiar with the key federal and state laws and regulatory measures pertaining to the planning, development, operation, management, and funding of airports and aviation businesses.

Additionally, AMCG will customize the fundamentals course for new airport personnel and commissioners, and will customize the advanced course for those who want to go beyond the fundamentals and take a deeper dive into more advanced topics.

Topics covered will be the same for both groups, and will include: public leadership, public policy, administration, and relations,  aviation industry, airport organization,  airport planning, airport development, airport management,  airport operations, airport marketing and airport finance.