Ambassadors Passport Program

Ambassadors Passport Program

SCAA would like to thank everyone both airports and pilots who have participated and supported this program.

Passport Program Comes To An End

The South Carolina Aviation Association (SCAA) will discontinue its Ambassador Passport program effective February 28, 2019. Participants have up until that date to submit their completed passports. The last public presentation of the jackets to those who have completed the program will take place during the SCAA Annual Conference on February 28.

This program has provided an opportunity for more than 1,000 participants to visit airports around the state. The Association continues to seek out new endeavors to increase awareness of South Carolina’s aviation system.

SCAA would like to thank everyone, both airports and pilots, who have participated and supported this program.

The South Carolina Aviation Association (SCAA) has promoted the Ambassadors Passport Program for the last five years. The program was designed to encourage pilots, including students, to fly to all of the airports in South Carolina and visit aviation education events and seminars.
Our goal will always be to increase awareness of South Carolina’s aviation system and contribute to the economic development activities of each locality by getting pilots to fly to airports and events they may not normally visit. This program was one opportunity for pilots aviation enthusiasts and the general public to see the valuable assets in our system of airports. More than 1,000 participants, the program provides pilots an opportunity to set and meet goals in their flying and sightseeing while having fun and experiencing what South Carolina has to offer.

The SCAA Ambassadors Passport Program provides recognition for pilots who visit all of our SC airports, attend aviation events including 3 safety seminars.

  • • Visit all 59 of South Carolina’s public-use airports.
  • • Attend Three (3) FAASTeam/ safety seminars in South Carolina.
  • • Attend at least one SCAA sponsored educational event or the SCAA Annual Conference.
  • • Receive: Leather Flight Jacket

The Rules

There is no deadline for completing the passport program as long as the program remains in operation. The program is open to pilots (including students). Participants are not required to be South Carolina residents but must be a member of the South Carolina Aviation Association. If you are not a member you can join by clicking here. 

Participants must obtain an official SC Aviation Association

Ambassadors Passport to receive and track credit for the program. You may request a passport by visiting

When visiting a qualifying airport or event participants must obtain a stamp in their passport. All stamps must be made in the appropriate location in the booklet. No stamps may be made on any other document and later placed in the booklet.

Safety seminars must be an approved FAASTeamSeminar signed off by the instructor.

To receive a stamp from a participating airport or facility, participants must present a photo ID matching the name in the SC

Aviation Association Ambassadors Passport. Each participant may only receive one stamp per visit.

Upon completion, the passport must be submitted to the SCAA for review and membership verification. A passport can only be submitted to the SCAA for redemption one time and only one award will be earned.

Awards and recognition can be processed throughout the year. All participants who complete the various levels will be recognized on recognized at a SCAA Event/Program.

Other Important Tips

Before departure be sure to call facilities that do not publish FBO hours of operation to verify that someone will be there to stamp your passport. If in doubt about the safety of a flight due to weather, field conditions, runway length, etc., participants are urged to use sound judgment in deciding whether or not to make the flight.


0A2 (Hester Memorial – Calhoun Falls) – is now CLOSED and not necessary for the passport.

33A (Fairview Airport) – runway 14/32 is very bumpy with excessive patches along entire surface. = Dangerous Overfly OK.

35A (Union Co) – stamp located in mailbox

3J0 (Hampton) – stamp located in mailbox

38J (Hemingway-Stuckey) – is now CLOSED and not necessary and not necessary for the passport.

3J1 (Ridgeland) – stamp located in mailbox

51J (Lake City) – pavement in poor shape multiple ruts and patched areas on runway surface. The ramp is full of loose gavel.  = Overfly OK

52J (Lee Co) – stamp located in FBO

5J5 (Holly Hill) – stamp located in mailbox at 

the end of the hangar with the Holly Hill sign

5J9 (Twin City) – stamp located in mailbox

6J0 (Lexington Co) – stamp located in mailbox

6J2 (St George) – stamp located in mailbox

6J4 (Saluda Co) – stamp located in mailbox

6j6 (Edgefield County) – is a grass field and only 2600 feet long = Overfly OK

99N (Bamburg Co) – stamp located in FBO 

AIK (Aiken) – stamp located in FBO 

AND (Anderson) – stamp located in FBO 

AQX (Allendale Co) – stamp located in mailbox by fuel pump 

ARW Beaufort Co) – stamp located in FBO 

BBP (Marlboro Co) – stamp located in FBO

BNL (Barnwell) – stamp located in mailbox by snack bar 

CAE (Columbia Metro) – stamp located in FBO 

CDN (Woodward) – stamp located in FBO

CEU (Clemson) – stamp located in FBO

CHS (Charleston) – stamp located in FBO 

CKI (Williamsburg) – stamp located in mailbox

CQW (Cheraw) – stamp located in FBO 

CRE (Grand Strand) – stamp located in FBO 

CUB (Hamilton Owens) – stamp located in FBO

DCM (Chester) – stamp located in FBO 

DLC (Dillon Co) – stamp located in mailbox by electric building 

DYB (Summerville) – stamp located in FBO

EOE (Newberry Co) – stamp located in mailbox

FDW (Fairfield Co) – stamp located in FBO 

FLO (Florence) – stamp located in FBO 

GGE (Georgetown Co) – stamp located in mailbox 

GMU (Greenville Downtown) – stamp located in FBO

GRD (Greenwood Co) – stamp located in mailbox 

GSP (Greenville Spartanburg) – stamp located in FBO 

GYH (Donaldson) – stamp located in FBO 

HXD (Hilton Head)- stamp located in FBO 

HYW (Conway) – stamp located in FBO 

JZI (Charleston Exec) – stamp located in FBO 

LKR (Lancaster Co) – stamp located in mailbox

LQK (Pickens Co) – stamp located in FBO

LRO (Mt Pleasant) – stamp located in FBO

LUX (Laurens Co) – stamp located in mailbox

MAO (Marion Co) – stamp located in FBO

MKS (Berkeley Co) – stamp located in FBO 

MNI (Santee Cooper)- stamp located in mailbox

MYR (Myrtle Beach) – stamp located in FBO

OGB (Orangeburg) – stamp located in mailbox

PHH (Swinnie) – stamp located in mailbox by terminal door

PYG (Pageland) – stamp located in mailbox

RBW (Lowcountry) – stamp located in FBO

S19 (McCormick Co) – stamp located in mailbox

SMS (Sumter) – stamp located in FBO

SPA (Spartanburg) – stamp located in FBO

UDG (Darlington Co) – stamp located in mailbox on top of display case 

UZA (Rock Hill) – stamp located in FBO


Thank you PIA Financial for becoming a sponsor of the SCAA Ambassadors Passport Program! We appreciate John Parrish for working hard on soliciting sponsors for this program!

Passport Participants who received their jackets at the 2015 SEAE:

Passport Participants who received their jackets at the 2016 Annual Conference:

We had several folks that received their jackets at the 2016 SCAA Annual Conference, two of them made the headline news in Shelby News and Aviation Pros.  Are you working on your jacket?


  1. Gary Lickfield

    Please do not abandon the Passport Program. The jacket is not important – promoting aviation in SC is! And the Passport Program did this and can continue to do this. Offering a Certificate of Completion would be more than appropriate.

  2. Charles A. Mott, Jr.

    The Twin City (Loris) stamp is in a mailbox in the right side of the open hangar on the ramp. I was there 04/21/2018.

  3. Richard Osman


    The Twin Cities stamp is located at the FBO at MYR as Twin Cities is not attended and has no facilities.

  4. Mike Davis

    When I first registered for this program I thought, “hey this could be fun” a good excuse to visit new places (and maybe buy some fuel at the fields I visit). I have been to a good many, and as a CFI, I have the opportunity to tell others about the program. Now recently, I get a letter telling me the program cannot financially support the awards so there will be an annual membership fee to participate. I thought this program was intended to “promote” general aviation in SC. Honestly, I’ll probably still go to the airports just because I like to fly to new places. But, I have to tell you that it seems pretty sad that the counties on the “passport list” don’t contribute (or apparently care) if we visit their airport. Before this, the incentive made it even more fun. Now it just feels like we are giving ourselves an award. Not so exciting. I’ll just go buy a leather jacket if I want one… and keep my $40. Too bad – this was a program with some imagination. I’m sure all the pilots that have played along so far have invested far more than the value of a few leather jackets. Perhaps the SCAA needs dues to survive, but I would not have tied the Passport program to the dues. If the counties on the list don’t care to support the program… take them off the passport list.

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  6. John Blanton

    Interesting reading these stories! Here is mine. I joined at the SC Aerospace Conference at the end of August (2017) and started my quest. I am NOT a pilot so I try to pick up stamps as I drive around the state for various other reasons. I have now visited 34 airports and have been successful at getting stamps at every one of them. There have been some close calls. At several I had to call around to find someone to give me a keypad number to open a security gate or a building door at an unstaffed facility. Everyone has been very friendly about it!

  7. Rick Leonard

    Just missing two airports Saluda [there stamp is missing and Beaufort, it was closed Sunday – wish that all airports that do not have a 24 hour FBO just use a mailbox and keep the stamp in a plastic bag.

  8. John Long

    Hartsville, HVS, is not on the list on the website? When I landed there about a year back I could not find the stamp or anybody around. Is it still on the list of not?

  9. First, a major thanks to the SCAA for this program! What a fun hour building mission for some of us low time pilots.
    There was a comment made about showing a logical order of the airports. For what it’s worth, I created a Google map showing a marker for each airport and have been changing the color as I complete each. You can find the map below if you’re interested in seeing the layout around the state. This certainly helped my flight planning strategy, so I thought I’d share.

  10. Steve Chase

    I just completed visiting and getting stamps in my passport for 3 more airports yesterday Chester DCM, Rock Hill UZA & Union Co 35A, bringing my total stamps to 27. I also completed the AOPA Rusty Pilots course held at CEU last Saturday.

    I sure wish the Airport Stamp Location list and the Passport book as well, was in some logical order.

  11. Stephen N Chase

    Flew to 6 airports yesterday from CEU to S19 McCormick,6J6 Edgefield,6J4 Saluda,LUX Laurens,SPA Spartenburg,GSP Greenville. All were accessible and easy except the biggest airport KGSP. No Stamp at the new FBO called Cerulean General Aviation 864 655 5221. The desk clerk expected that the previous FBO Stevens took the stamp and she Shelly didn’t know how to get one. Thought the boss would not want to pay SCAA $450 to play the game. Otherwise a good afternoon of flying.

  12. Bruce Sorensen

    Made the flight to 5J9 . Simply and easy airport. The stamp is not kept at 5J9 but is at the FBO over at KMYR.

  13. Brent Byars

    Mr. Mohr,

    I also had a frustrating experience at GRD. I called the FBO in the summer of 2015 and spoke with someone working the desk They told me the mailbox and stamp were outside the building and could be retrieved any time. I then flew in one night and could not find the mailbox. I flew back to GRD a few weeks later and discovered that the mailbox was located in the back part of the FBO where the flight training area is. The code to get in is the CTAF frequency. I was told by someone there that I was lucky to find the stamp at all because it was usually keep behind the FBO desk in order to prevent all those dang pilots using up the ink. True story.
    I think that one of the seasoned and elite Jacket owners should provide some feedback on the process. For instance, I have had to do some research to see who had mailboxes and who keeps the stamp inside. I have to plan my day and night flying accordingly. It is quite a let down to land only to discover the FBO closed early for the day or the stamp is nowhere to be found. Collaboration would be helpful for all Aviators.

  14. Ronald Mohr

    Just thought I would let you know that we flew to Greenwood KGRD today
    for the stamp only to find the mailbox under a bunch of boxes and
    unfortunately empty. So no stamper at Greenwood that anyone could find.

  15. Brent Byars

    Mr. Hancock: Hester Memorial Airport (0A2), in Calhoun Falls, SC is closed; that’s why it is no longer on As for the other airport locations you list, I would refer strictly to the Ambassadors passport book for stamp locations.

  16. Steve Hancock

    Questions: I cannot find 0A2 on What is the name of that airport? Also lists the following as public use airfields in South Carolina but they aren’t on the list of 59 airports in the program: Branhams (6J7), Clio Crop Care (9W9), Twin Lakes (S17), Green Sea (S79), and Timmonsville (58J). Does anyone know if these are now in the program?

  17. elaine drake

    Lost previous mailing Please send me application form for FlySouthCarolina Thanks

  18. Tom Dubrouillet

    Hi, just collected my last stamp for all the SC airports. Do I send it to someone?

    I attended the Foreflight seminar in RockHill last Nov, but the presenter didn’t know about “registering” for the seminar. Does it count?

    I’m hoping to attend the Expo at Greenwood, but it is the same weekend as a formation clinic I’m working. If I don’t make it, when is the SCAA meeting?



  19. Jack Starling

    Last August, I heard about the program and applied for my Passport.
    I thought it would be fun to have a destination to fly to instead of just “boring holes in the sky”. I met some interesting people at airports that did not have a FBO and other people at attended airports. All of the people were very helpful and accommodating. It far exceeded my expectations, thanks for sponsoring this program.

  20. Jon Wells

    I am excited that South Carolina as started this program. I completed the Operation Fly NC Program in North Carolina (81 Airports) back in 2010, and it was a great experience. Goal was to “fly” to all airports, and was a great way to set goals. I try and combine trips with Angel Flights or PilotsnPaws missions as well. South Carolina has so much to offer, and I agree with the other comments, that it’s creates a great frenzy among fellow pilot friends….see you at the Southeastern Aviation Conference in May and all of the new places to eat. We’ll get the word out. JW

  21. Larry Maner

    During late summer 2013, I learned of the SCAA Ambassadors Passport Program from fellow flyers of EAA Chapters 242 & 1467. Soon after receiving my own ‘Ambassador’s Passport’, I immediately set-out to fly to numerous airports that I frequently visit to find those little black plastic mailboxes with special made stamps located inside. Pelion airport (6J0) had the distinction of being my very first stamp entry … of which started a frenzy among my flying friends to join me in achieving bragging rights via this little keepsake passport book. Naturally J, pilots are known to embellish just a bit of the great airmanship required to fly to remote airports and great distances…and I am no different. Seriously speaking, I have enjoyed the new acquaintances I’ve met at our 59 public use airports and on a few occasions; landing to utilized the airport courtesy car so to eat at restaurants such as the Catawba Fish Camp near Lancaster (LKR), Dukes BBQ near Walterboro (RBW), the Patio (formerly Food Scapes) at Lake City (51J), or the Runway Café’ at Greenville Downtown (GMU). SCAA’s wonderful idea of collecting airports stamps had a great impact on my renewed fascination and enjoyment of flying. Thanks to all at the South Carolina Aviation Association. Clear Skies!

  22. Mike Hoover

    I am enjoying the program so much and am helping pass the word around to everybody I talk to. Thanks! Mike

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