Ambassadors Passport Program- CAUTION updates


Before departure be sure to call facilities that do not publish FBO hours of operation to verify that someone will be there to stamp your passport. Stamps may be obtained by participants who drive into airports as well as those who fly in. If in doubt about the safety of a flight due to weather, field conditions, runway length, etc., participants are urged to use sound judgment in deciding whether or not to make the flight.


HVS (Hartsville) – is now closed and not necessary for the passport.

0A2 (Hester Memorial Airport- Calhoun Falls)  – is now closed and not necessary for the passport.

6j6 (Edgefield County) – is a grass field and only 2600 feet long = Overfly okay. 

33A (Fairview Airport) – runway 14/32 is very bumpy with excessive patches along entire surface. = Overfly okay.

51J (Lake City) – pavement in poor shape multiple ruts and patched areas on runway surface. The ramp is full of loose gavel.  = Overfly okay.