Larry Joe Yon- South Carolina

Years as a Flight Instructor
Airline Transport Pilot AMEL, Commerical Priviledges ASEL & S, AMELS, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Gold Seal Flight Instructor ASE & AME, Instrument Airplane, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Ground Instructor & Ultralight Instructor
Cites/Airports where you offer instruction
South Carolina
100-200 word Bio
Flight Instructor of the Year for South Carolina in 1973, 1st ” Flying Lion for SC, Instructor for 1st Female Pilot to receive ASEA Rating in SC, taught 1st Educational TV Pilot ” Biennial Review” named “Blue sky” in SC in 19 locations, implemented Aviation technical training program under the Comprehensive Educational Act (CERTA) for the Governor’s Office, received the 99′ Woman Air Race Classic Special recognition award as a sponsor for a race by women spanning 2433.3 statue miles, served as “Odyssey of the Mind” Aviation Coach finishing 2nd the State for Irmo HS, 1st President of Ultralight Sport Pilot Aviation, flew 1st recorded Ultralight flight from CAE Airport, Charter Member Of SC Helicopter Association, SC Ballo0n Association, AERO, & Post Private Secondary Education, on Aviation Noise Impact at CAE, CUB Advisory Board, listed in “Who’s Who in Aviation & Aerospace, 1983, Past member of Airport Manager Executives & National Association of Seaplane Pilots, Chartered President of B-25 Corporation, Founding Office of SCHAF, Aviation Advisor of Explorer Post 15 later 214 named “Black Sheep” who began work on “Skunkie” recovered from Lake Greenwood after 39 years under water, received FAA – Wright Brothers ” Master Pilot ” Award in 2015.