Kathleen Hegenberger – Charleston

Email: kdhegenberger@gmail.com
Credentials: CFI,CFII,MEI, ATP, Dispatcher, SES. Tailwheel instruction, Cirrus
Years as a flight instructor: 15
Cities that you instruct in: Charleston/ Lowcountry

I have been a CFI for 15 years and came to Charleston in 1999 to teach at JZI. I now primarily do BFR’s and IPC’s and will do tailwheel instruction in your airplane. I presently fly a Cirrus SR22TN and an L-19 Birddog. My flying at this time involves a lot of cross country flights all over the US and the Bahamas in the Cirrus and cross country and mountain flying in the birddog. Last year I added a seaplane rating in a cub. For a short time I flew a Cirrus for Satsair, an air taxi service, and have been flying a Cirrus SR22TN for fourĀ  years privately. I am based at JZI in SC and BZN (Bozeman) in Montana in the summer months.

At this time I am the president of the Women in Aviation Palmetto Pride Chapter in Charleston, SC and I am the SC Liaison for the Recreational Aviation Foundation where we are presently working to amend the SC RUS to include “aviation activities” to protect landowners who have airstrips on their property from liability.
If you are interested in Cirrus instruction in your airplane or need a BFR or IPC please give me a call. I would also be happy to do tailwheel instruction in your airplane as well.