Emerson Smith – Columbia/Hamilton Owens (CUB), Columbia Metro (CAE)

Emerson Smith

Phone: (803)256-8694

Email: emsmith@metromark.net

Years as a Flight Instructor: 20

Credentials: Commercial Pilot, FAA certificated flight instrutor, instrument (CFII)

Cities/Airports where you offer instruction: Columbia/Hamilton Owens (CUB), Columbia Metro (CAE)


Aurel Emerson Smith, Jr., CFII is available for flight reviews, VFR refresher training, and instrument proficiency endorsements at SC airports. He began flying in 1985, with training at Owens Field for a private pilot’s license as well as a commercial pilot. He was trained as a flight instructor at American Flyers in Dallas, Texas.

He joined the US Air Force auxiliary, the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and became a mission pilot, instructor and check pilot for Cessna 182 and 172 Garmin 1000 Nav III aircraft for the South Carolina Wing, of which he is a past Wing Commander. He is currently a CAP pilot and government affairs advisor.

Emerson was born in Chicago, lived in Dallas and graduated with a BA from the University of Texas at Austin, a MA from Texas Christian University, and a PhD in sociology from Emory University. He is president of Metromark Market Research and a clinical research assistant professor of internal medicine at the School of Medicine, University of South Carolina.

He was appointed an airport commissioner for Richland County’s Jim Hamilton-LB Owen Airport in 2016.
Several times a year, he is a lecturer on aviation and maritime history on international passenger ships.