Carla Mueller – Pelion

Phone: 727-457-0489
Credentials: ATP, CFI MEII, Advanced ground instructor
Years as a flight instructor: 15
Cities that you instruct in: Pelion

I have been flying for the past 15 years, I have worked for the FAA as a Light Sport Aviation Safety Inspector, I have flown for the NCDENR as a Forestry Pilot in a C185, I flew the Grand Canyon as a tour pilot in Piper navajo’s, I flew for a Start up airline in Jetstream 3100s, and I flew for USA Jet Freight airways in a Falcon 20 Jet. Most recently, I flew for Bankair in their Mitsubishi MU2b aircraft out of Teterboro,NJ. Then they lost the contract about the same time when my mom had a severe stroke, so I became a FT caregiver for her. Now she is better, and I’m trying to go back to FT flying again. I am flight instructing in my own Cessna 150 aircraft out of Pelion Airport, SC 6J0, trying to grow that airport. Come on out and see me.